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Just as the smell of onions cooking is a promise of a great meal about to be served, strong design promises a quality experience and high level of service to be delivered from a brand.

  Logo Design & Branding

A solid business identity grows recognition and increases confidence in customers who seek to work with reliable, professional people. The investment in well-designed custom logos and branding offers a competitive advantage and increased recognition to the target audience. Branding helps to create a unique representation of your business to be memorable to your target market. This may include unique logos, typography, colors, patterns, images, icons, taglines and other visual elements that build the brand in all the places visitors interact with it.


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  Web Design

Your website is your online home and the gateway to all things ‘you’, whether that be your offerings, a blog, social media, reviews, or e-newsletter. A smartly designed 'brand-central' brings together all the ways for visitors to engage with you and gives them a good sense of who you are and what they can expect from your business. Visitors expect good design that is easy to navigate and my designs do this while building the brand identity, strengthening the association with your brand online and offline. Working with me, we will explore what your website visitors come searching for and make it easy for them to find it and engage with your business.


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  Print Design


Extending consistent visual elements to all points of customer interaction builds a brand that is recognizable to its audience. This includes all printed touchpoints like business cards and stationary, brochures and flyers, advertisements, product tags and labels, stickers, banners and signage. I create clean and compelling graphics to convey your brand message. A general rule of thumb is that it takes seven touches to enter a customer's consciousness before they'll enter into a transaction with a business. Having consistent branding in place builds recognition of a brand in all those touchpoints.


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